Big Rebate for Bars, Restaurant

Ohio is providing businesses with a one-time rebate on liquor purchases right as bars and restaurants are opening up

Bars and restaurants in Ohio that are planning to reopen can get a good deal when they go to restock their liquor supplies.

The state agencies that control liquor sales are offering a one-time rebate to drinking establishments to help defray the cost of buying high-proof spirits. JobsOhio, the agency that owns and sells high-proof liquor to retailers and wholesalers in Ohio, will provide a $500 rebate on purchases, the agency says.

With more than 13,600 eligible liquor permit holders in Ohio, the program has a potential cost of $6.8 million in rebates, the agency says.

JobsOhio President J.P. Nauseef says the program is part of an ongoing effort to support Ohio businesses during the COVID-19 crisis.

“We have had the unique capability to commit up to $300 million for similar initiatives since mid-March,” he says.

Permit holders must register to be eligible for rebate. Rebates will be applied as soon as a permit holder places an order from their assigned liquor agency.

“We know this has been an uncertain time for Ohio bars and restaurants,” says Sherry Maxfield, director of the Department of Commerce. “We hope this brings some relief as they plan for reopening.

In Ohio, the JobsOhio economic development agency, through its JobsOhio Beverage System, owns the liquor products containing more than 21% alcohol for retail and wholesale sales. The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Division of Liquor Control oversees the wholesale and retail operations for the sale of liquor.

The profits that JobsOhio generates from its sales of liquor to retailers and wholesalers provides funding for the agency’s economic development efforts.

To register for the liquor rebate program, visit

By David Holthaus