Letter From the Publisher


The power of three. It’s a concept proven over time that to maximize effectiveness, you can have more than one thing working, but should have less than four. It’s a theme that can also apply to jokes, TV shows (Three’s Company) and, well, events. March 15, at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, we hope to see you for the inaugural Ohio Success Awards luncheon.

As you will read in this issue, many of the companies awarded are ones growing in revenue, and a multitude show growth in employees. We also have nonprofits and governmental organizations that are pioneering new ways to work with companies while providing their local communities lasting value.

Hence, for the Ohio Success Awards and feature, our power of three refers to for-profit companies, nonprofits and government. It’s a belief of ours that these major organizations provide us value in our lives and, when working well and partnering together, can serve us and our communities in ways beyond our imagination.

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